Webinars, Interviews and Transcripts

LBD education and awareness takes place in many forms. We hope you find these archives helpful in expanding your knowledge about LBD.

June 2016

LBDU's ASK THE EXPERT: An Introduction to Clinical Trials

Recording of  LBDU's live webinar hosted by LBDA on June 15, 2016, featuring a presentation from Dr. Daniel Kaufer; session moderated by Angela Taylor, Director of Programs Lewy Body Dementia Association.

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October 2015

LBDA Webinar: Mindfulness and LBD

 If you haven’t heard of mindfulness before, it is simply being aware of the present moment, on purpose and without judgment. This may sound like an overly-simple concept. But after experiencing mindfulness, you may realize just how rarely you do focus on just the present moment without placing any judgment, good or bad, on it. 
This webinar will introduce you to mindfulness as a stress-reduction tool. Ms. Manteau-Rao takes viewers through a short practice session and then discusses how mindfulness can be helpful to both caregivers and people with LBD.

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May 2015

LBDA Webinar: Medications in Lewy body dementia.

 Dr. James Leverenz, chair of LBDA’s Scientific Advisory Council and the Joseph Hahn, MD Endowed Chair of the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute discussed medication-related questions on how to treat cognitive and movement symptoms in LBD, hallucinations, and REM sleep behavior disorder.

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July 2014

LBDA Scientific Advisory Council Member, Carol Lippa, MD, talks to NeuroMatters about LBD.
The segment first aired on May 6, 2014. Click here to listen.

June 2014

LBDA Webinar: Living with LBD: The Firsthand Perspective

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT. The webinar provides a glimpse into the lives of two married couples who, through open, candid dialogue, shed light on the realities of living with Lewy body disorders. You will find their experiences heart-warming and positively uplifting.

Panelists: Alexander and Olivia Dreier, and Kirk and Linda Hall. Moderator: Angela Taylor, Director of Programs.

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September 2013

LBDA Webinar: Caring for the Family Caregiver, Strategies for Healthy Living and Coping .

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT. The webinar provides family caregivers with strategies and resources to maintain and enhance one’s own health amidst the efforts of assisting a loved one with Lewy body dementia (LBD). The presentations address core elements of a care plan based on whether the person with LBD lives with or apart from the caregiver and resources to keep caregivers healthy. Invited panelists describe strategies to cope with LBD, and to improve the quality of life for caregivers and individuals affected by the disease.

Presenters: Gary Epstein-Lubow, MD and Angela Taylor, Director of Programs, plus invited LBDA panelists.

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September 2012

LBDA Webinar: Improving Oral Health by Managing Care-Resistant Behavior in Persons with LBD  

This webinar from Friday, September 7, 2012, 2:00-3:00 pm provides caregivers with ways to assist their family members with mouth care. The presentation discusses the links between oral health and other health problems, such as pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease and strokes. The webinar also explores realistic mouth care practices that caregivers can use when either helping with mouth care or doing it for the person with LBD.

Presenters: Rita A. Jablonski, PhD, ANP-BC and Ann Kolanowski PhD, RN, FGSA, FAAN

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July 2012

Shine a Light on Lewy Body Dementia with Coleen Greco, recorded on Wednesday, Jun 20, 2012. Coleen will guide you through the LBD Awareness Movement and how you can get involved with LBDA! She will share her personal story and examples of fundraisers and outreach events. She will also explore best practices on bringing awareness of LBD in your community.

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June 2012

Love, Lewy body and Laughter on Alzheimer's Speaks Blog Radio Show hosted by Lori Bey featuring Angela Taylor, Director of Programs, Lewy Body Dementia Association and Mary McGrath, author and speaker

Angela shares her knowledge of LBDA and her personal experiences with her father who had LBD, and Mary McGrath also shares her experiences as a caregiver for her husband with LBD . Listen online by clicking here.  

May 2012

LBDA Webinar: Basic Estate Planning: Securing Your Future  featuring Miles Hurley, elder law attorney.   Mr. Hurley provides an overview of the importance of estate planning, including expert tips on how best to approach this  uncomfortable but critical subject with your loved ones.  View the video in your browser.

October 2011

LBDA Webinar:  New Insights in Lewy Body Dementias featuring James E. Galvin, MD, MPH.  Dr. Galvin reviews some of the latest research on Lewy body dementias and current treatment options. View the video in your browser.

August 2011

Radio interview with Dr. James Leverenz, chair, LBDA Scientific Advisory Council on the topic of the difference between LBD and Alzheimer's.  Dr. Leverenz appeared on the Coping with Caregiving radio show, hosted by Jacqueline Marcell.  To listen to the interivew, click here and scroll down to segment 3

Radio Interview with  Coleen Greco about LBD Awareness Month. Ms. Greco appeared on the Coping with Caregiving radio show, hosted by Jacqueline Marcell. You can find the interview here.  Scroll down to segment 2.

March 2007

Transcript of a live chat with Dr. Stephen Gomperts, MD. Click here to download the transcript. (PDF)